Dwarf Cleric of Gorm, Warpriest of Clagdin Mines


Dorrin hails from the cold northern mountains. As a young lad he had a fire in his eye and a stubbornness that would propel him into the ranks of the dwarven defenders of his home. Clangdin Mine sees its share of drow attacks and white dragons, both worthy of loathing.

Though he is trained as a soldier, his specialty is as a wartime brewmaster. The secret recipes for his ales inspire troops before great battles or inspire louder songs as soldiers recount memorable victories.

Each of his ales is specially blessed by his god Gorm Gulthyn and christens the lips of trusted compatriots preparing for battle.

His home was destroyed by a craven white dragon led by drow invaders. He headed south along the Sword Coast searching for lost clansmen and taking work as a mercenary.

Most recently he heard rumors of dragon cultists increasing their activity and is seeking a measure of revenge.


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