Human Paladin with anger issues


Elladora grew up in a privileged manor to noble parents. Though she was taught to be a proper lady, she was fonder of climbing trees and scraping her knees. This did not sit well with her parents. All of the coddling and propriety caused her to lash out against her expected role. There was constant tension between her and her parents. When she came of age she eschewed her noble trappings and ran away to join a convent as a humble servant to Lathander’s Order of the Sun Soul.

Life in the convent was simple to the point of dull. Her energetic spirit was embraced by the sisterhood when physical tasks were required, but monastic studies were a tiresome endeavor.

Her path would change dramatically when a band of dragon cultists attacked her convent Upon seeing the corpses of her sisters she flew into a rage, taking up a brazier she fended off many of the assailants. From the aftermath, it was clear she was not meant for cloistered life, but one of action and passion.

Soon after she found solace in the martial training of the Order of Aster. Elladora is learning to control her anger and channel it into combat.


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