Half-elf Rogue with sharp blades and keen wit


Kitty grew up in Baldur’s Gate as an orphan. The only family she knew was the mice in the barns where she slept. Sleeping in the hayloft she learned that the world is a hard place when you don’t have friends. Survival depended on guile and stealth. Trust was slow.

In time Kitty befriended the Elfsong Tavern’s keeper, Elendara. They shared the burden of being a half-blood elf and that bond opened the door for the first flicker of trust. In exchange for hot meals, Kitty became the eyes and ears inside the tavern. The mousy rogue kept close watch, noting every back room meeting and hearing the whispered conversations.

Though Elendara’s generosity helped with daily sustenance, what saved Kitty was having someone there when she needed it most. On more than one occasion this relationship saved her from being jailed or from falling into a deadly fight.

More recently, word spread that the Cult of the Dragon is growing again. Elendara asked Kitty to find and infiltrate a small pocket of draconic adherents to learn of its secrets and goals. Kitty acted as a servant to the cult’s members, bringing them food and supplies for their rituals. Her lowly status never granted access to the anything more than mundane ramblings and perfunctory rituals.

Dragon Cult activity was rumored in woods near to the town of Greenest and a bard in Scornubel was offering to pay a small party to investigate the remnants of the cult campsites to provide clues to their numbers.


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