Half-orc Barbarian of the Icemace Dragon Slayers


Nuk-Tok is from Ten Towns, in Icewind Dale. His grandfather, Mokosk, was a half-orc northman that was shunned by society due to his lineage. When his village was attacked by a white dragon he joined the foolhardy party that hunted it. He was the only survivor from the expedition. The cold breath from the wyrm was so powerful his beard was still frozen solid when he returned to the village, giving Mokosk the name Icemane. Though the treasure is spent, the hide from that white dragon still adorns the clan’s longhouse.

All of Icemane’s progeny are brought up to hate dragons and learn their duty to slay dragons wherever they may hide. The clan has learned some pidgin Draconic that it passes down along with a collection of stories that grow more outrageous with each passing winter. The recent generation of Icemanes had few dragons to fight, but word is spreading that there are dragons stirring in the south. Nuk-Tok has traveled south to seek his fate and fortune.


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