Tyranny of Dragons

Session 4 - Pursuit of the Cult

The party pursues the departing cult forces. Not seeking face the fanatical throngs in open combat, the party infiltrates the enemy encampment to assess its forces and its leader. They rescue a prisoner against his will – strangely he wants to stay captured so he can learn more about the cult.


Milestone: Level 3

Session 3 - Driving off the Cult
Elldora bravely faces down the dragon-man champion

The party fends off the halfhearted attacks of a blue dragon.


The assault ends with Elladora in a valiant duel with the half-dragon Champion Cyanwrath leaving her with a memorable scar.

Session 2 - Save the Mill
The party is ambushed at the mill

A fierce skirmish ensues at the Mill, with the party barely surviving despite being outnumbered two-to-one.


Milestone: Level 2

Session 1 - Greenest in Flames
The Cult of the Dragon pillages the sleepy town

Adventurer’s save a family from kobold attackers and make it to the safety of the keep. Governor Nighthill enlists them for covert missions to harry the cult forces using the old escape tunnel.



Kitty is enlisted by a bard to recruit a party of dragon hunters to investigate remnants of a small camp near Greenest. The camp was rumored to have been used by the Cult of the Dragon for minor rituals. The bard wants to learn what the Cult was dong at the site.

The taverns and guild halls of Berdusk turn out a motley band of adventurers:

  • Kitty – sly Rogue with subtle ties to the Cult
  • Nuk-Tok – gruff Barbarian hailing from Icemane clan of dragon slayers in the cold north
  • Shakktus – skilled Ranger trained as a dragon hunter
  • Elladora – angry Paladin with a chip on her shoulder
  • Dorrin – stubborn Cleric or the fallen dwarven Mines of Clangdin
  • Luz – odd Sorcerer that wandered down from the mountains

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